Slo-Pitch Ontario Insurance

Bramslammers is registered with Slo-Pitch Ontario (“SPO”). They will provide us with things like scorebooks, access to prizes and awards, invitations to their Ontario Championships, and liability and secondary accident and health insurance coverage for our players.

Bramslammers pays an administration fee based on the number of teams in the league, and each individual player will need to register themselves as a SPO MEMBER.

You will need to login to SPO’s Member Registration System, accept a Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims and Indemnity Agreement, and then pay an annual Member Fee ($15.00 + HST = $16.95). The Member Fee will provide you with proper insurance coverage for participation in ANY SPO-sanctioned league, tournament or event. This means that it does not matter how many SPO-sanctioned teams you play on, you register just once and can play with any SPO team for the season (subject, of course, to any ratings or classification restrictions). You only need ONE (1) Profile in the SPO system. Each Member must have a unique email address.

To assist with the process of registering, SPO has easy-to-follow Step-By-Step Guides that provide instructions and information for New Members, Returning Members, and Team Contacts, as well as ones to assist with the Payment process.

As a registered and Active Member of SPO, you’ll also have access to a digital SPO Membership Card, available through the SPO Mobile app, as well as deals, coupons and promos from SPO¬†and their Corporate Partners¬†through the SPO Rewards Program.

If you need help with the registration process, SPO staff are available Monday to Friday, between 9:00am to 4:30pm, and can be reached by phoning (905) 646-7773, or by emailing


No players will be allowed to play in any games unless they are registered and paid with SPO. You can register at


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