Bramslammers Constitution (By-Laws)


This Club/Association shall be known as the BRAMSLAMMERS SLOWPITCH CLUB/LEAGUE/ASSOCIATION and hereinafter referred to as the “Club”/League/Association.


      1. For fun and enjoyment and promote Slo-pitch in the City of Brampton.
      2. To teach sportsmanship and emphasize fair play for all members of the club.


Membership in the club shall consist of such slo-pitch players, as well as, shall abide by and comply with the club and decisions of the club officials who have been duly elected or appointed. Membership will be in accordance with the City of Brampton Parks and Recreation Community Adult Group Policy with the exception of current non-resident members.

Membership fees shall be set at the Annual General Meeting. The registration will close at the discretion of the executive.

As per the affiliation policy, membership for non-resident or those who are not ratepayers of the City of Brampton, shall not exceed 20% of the Club’s total membership, or three (3) players from each team


The Club shall be affiliated with the City of Brampton Parks and Recreation Department and operate under the terms and conditions of the affiliation policy.


The Management and administration of the affairs of this Club, shall be vested in the Executive Committee, as elected or appointed, with the complete authority to make decisions they deem necessary, and to take action within the scope of the Constitution and By-Laws and within the regulations and policies of the City of Brampton pertaining to the operation of facilities.

More specifically the Executive Committee shall:

      1. Appoint standing committees or officials to perform special duties or projects as required.
      2. Hold Executive meetings or special meetings as required from May 1 to September 31.
      3. The Executive Committee shall have the power to decide on any matter not covered in the Constitution of By-Laws of the Club, excluding matters of any changes of the rules for regular season as well as, year-tournament.
      4. Hold office until the initial meeting of the oncoming Executive, but no later than the last day of the month following the Annual Meeting.
      5. The books and accounts of the Club shall be made available for audit once yearly. A financial statement shall be prepared by the Treasurer and presented to the Executive. Two copies of the statement shall be presented to the parks and Recreation Department as per the policy of the affiliation.


The Executive Committee of the club shall consist of: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Social Director, Three Committee Members and Past President (if there is a change in Presidency). Should any vacancy occur during a term of office the Executive Committee shall have the power to fill the vacancy of appointment.

Executive Committee members shall be residents and/or ratepayers of the City of Brampton with the exception that a club may elect one of the three committed members who is not a resident of ratepayer.



Shall preside at all meetings of the Club’s Executive Committee; call meeting as deemed necessary or when requested to do so by half of the Executive Committee members; and shall act as a signing officer together with the Treasurer on all contracts or other legal matters.


Shall perform such duties as assigned by the President and substitute for him/her when required.


Shall collect and properly record all finances involving the Club; he/she shall pay all accounts upon Executive Committee approval by cheque and submit and audited financial statement to the Executive Committee and the Parks and Recreation Department before the Annual Meeting or at other times requested.


Shall be responsible for all matters pertaining to direct operations of the club, including all correspondence and the recording of minutes at meetings; a copy of the minutes for each meeting must be forwarded to the Parks and Recreation Department as per the affiliation policy


Shall perform such duties as assigned by the President. The Executive Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting at the end of each season, and serve a one (1) year period of office with the initial meeting of the incoming Executive, but no later than the last day of the month following the Annual Meeting.


      1. A quorum for any Executive Meeting shall be constituted with the presence of the President or Vice-President, plus two (2) members from the Executive Committee.
      2. Each member of the Executive shall have one (1) vote, except the President, who shall only vote in the event of a tie.
      3. The Order of Business shall be:
          1. Minutes
          2. Correspondence
          3. Unfinished Business
          4. Treasurer’s Report
          5. Other Reports
          6. President’s Report
          7. New Business


      1. The annual meeting of the club shall be held no later than October 31st of the current playing season.
      2. Notices of motion, correspondence amendments, nominations for the Executive or other matters for consideration at the Annual Meeting must be in writing to the Club Secretary no later than two (2) weeks prior to the meeting.
      3. No article of this constitution shall be altered or rescinded or new on made, except at the Annual Meeting and then only by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the eligible Members present.
      4. Eligible voting members are those who paid their membership fees to the Club Treasurer.
      5. The outgoing President shall be responsible for call the first meeting of the new committee, following the Annual Meeting


All players must attend a minimum of eight (8) games for the season, unless a valid reason is given to their Team Captain. It is up to the Captain’s discretion if they can play in the year-end tournament. In the event of a rained-out game(s), all players would be considered present.

    1. S.F. cheques shall have a $20.00 surcharge. If it happens twice, then the person will be asked to leave the league.
    2. A player can receive a full refund only until up to and including the first three (3) games of the season. Games 4 – 7 a refund of half of the registration at that time will be issued. After the 7th game there will be no refunds issued. If a team loses a player, that player cannot be reimbursed by the replacement player. All fees and reimbursements must be handled by the Treasurer so the accounting records are accurate. The Executive will make exceptions for injury or pregnancy.
    3. Positions on the league roster maybe held for medical reasons only. These people must pay half the annual registration to hold their position for the following year.
    4. Captains must be elected on a yearly basis. The teams are to vote on or before the tournament weekend and League Secretary must be notified by the General Meeting.
    5. Jewelry is recommended to be removed before each game. Anyone who is injured because of wearing jewelry will not be covered by Slo-Pitch Ontario Insurance. Exception to this is Medic Alert jewelry.
    6. No person that is not a member of the league can be put in a game if a team is short.
    7. If payment is not paid by the end of the 3rd game in full the player is not allowed to continue playing until payment is made in full. The Executive will bring it to the Captains attention if a player on their team has not paid in full and it is up to the team Captains to enforce this rule. (Discretion is to be used as it may be a sensitive matter)
    8. If adding or replacing players on a team:
      • Fee will be $150.00, this includes banquet ticket.
      • New players cannot be added to any team after week 14. There will be a sign posted at the tournament for players that are willing to play for other teams if they are short.
    9. Husbands, wives, or any relatives cannot have signing authority at the bank
    10. It is understood that any player on a team’s roster will be returning the following season to the same team unless expressly communicated to the team captain by that team member themselves prior to the March “open” registration date (or they do not register at the March registration). No captain or team member is to “force” a current team member off the existing team. Skill level and personality conflicts are not reasons a current member can be removed from a team. Any legitimate reason the captain or team members feel a team member should be removed from a team (including, but not limited to sexual harassment, bullying, gender bias, or bigotry) should be brought to the attention of the existing executive for disciplinary action and/or mediation).If any team member or captain are found to be purposely or maliciously removing or attempting to remove an existing team member it will be brought to the executive committee’s attention, at which time they will attempt to resolve the issue, if this cannot be resolved, the incident will be brought to the attention of Slo-Pitch Ontario for formal mediation.The Executive will ensure everyone involved has the opportunity to voice their opinion to SPO.

Updated after 2022 AGM

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