Game Play

The league provides core equipment for the game to be played (bases, balls). Personal equipment is provided by players. Jerseys are decided at team level.

Bramslammers is a casual rec adult modified softball league. During our 17 game season we don’t keep score or track results, but instead focus on getting out and having fun playing some ball. We have two major events, one being the year end tournament and final banquet to wrap the season up.

At the end of the season we have a 2 day tournament. Each team plays in a 4 game random seed round-robin, followed by breaking into 3 divisions for single elimination.

It’s two great days of baseball, a licensed area for pickup a few drinks with your team mates, and a food vendor.

Modified softball is between fastpitch (windmill) and slo-pitch (arc).

  • The pitch comes in flatter than classic slow-pitch, but without the speed of fastpitch.
  • There is stealing of bases (but not home) once the ball crosses the plate
  • Uncaught 3rd strikes are live if 1st base is open.
  • Plays at the plate use the classic slo-pitch commitment line.

During the regular season each team supplies an umpire when they are at bat. Also, if a passed ball hits the umpire it is a dead ball.

During the tournament umpires are supplied for each game.

We field a team of 6 males and 6 females. The infield is classic softball, but we use 3 deep out fielders and 3 shallow outfielders.  See the picture below to help illustrate.


Yes, we play each and every Monday during the season.

After each season there is the Annual General Meeting, where we get together and:

  • Receive a report on the leauges finchials
  • Vote on a new executive for the next year
  • Vote on rules proposed rule changes

This is an opportunity to take a bit of time to help make the league better, and the only time to change the league rules.

Registration entitles you to a 17 game season played every Monday (including holidays), the year end tournament, and a banquet ticket.

We encourage couples to play together, and make every effort to accomidate friends and small groups.


Each team votes on a male and female who they feel captures the essence sportsmanlike play throughout the season.

Everybody gets a +1, after that it’s first come first served until the hall is full.

It’s a change to celebrate the season, have a few drinks, dance.

Can’t find the answer to your question? Please feel free to reach out at questions@bramslammers.com or on our facebook group.