Letter from the President

As another baseball season approaches, the Executive Committee and I look forward to another great year at the ball diamonds!

We would first like to thank the previous Executive Committee for all their hard work in making this league a fun and enjoyable time for all. Thank you to Dom, Brian, Trish and Lori!

Our new Executive Committee is here to work hard to make this season, the year-end tournament and banquet a success. I would like to welcome your 2020 Executive Committee:

Jeff Woodason, Team 1 – Vice President
Email: nicndimes@hotmail.com

Leanne Wilkes, Team 12 – Executive Director
Email: leanne.wilkes@gmail.com

Emily Lewis, Team 4 – Secretary
Email: lewisemily40@gmail.com

Peggy Callaghann, Team 4 – Treasurer
Email: pcallaghan4207@rogers.com

Feel free to reach out to any of the Executive to help with your concerns. You may also reach out to our centrally managed inbox at bramslammers@outlook.com

We are looking forward to a summer of exciting games and the joy that comes from playing with friends and family. Bramslammers has always been a league that members of all ages (over 19) and levels of ability.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions throughour the year and ask that any issues be brought to our attention in a sportsmanlike and appropriate manner.

See you all on the diamonds.

Play ball!

Billy Rowe, Team 4
Bramslammers President