Letter from the President

To all Members,

Congratulations to GoBroCon on your championship win and to the Cardinals for their Consolation win at the yearend tournament.

Thank you to the 2017 Executive members, for their tremendous effort and hard work. At times it is forgotten that the Executive members volunteer for these positions and work solely for the success of the league. You had some hurdles and passed them all while keeping the integrity and values of the Bramslammers league at the forefront.

I would like to thank you the league members for giving the Executives of 2018 the opportunity to represent and lead the Bramslammers community. Brian, Trish, Lorie, Billy, and I hope our efforts will strengthen and encourage unity throughout the league.

I would like to remind all captains that we must continue to keep the lines of communication open between teams and the executive. The executive needs to be advised of any member changes of address or contact information, so that communications from the league are received by all members.

We have reviewed the current financial status of the league and looked at a number of options related to yearly fees as discussed at the yearend meeting. We felt to maintain the leagues financial stability, annual fees would need to be increased. With the increase of $10 per player, we will be able to allocate these funds to cover the increases to field rental costs and the yearend banquet.

The yearend banquet facility has been secured with more details to follow as the date nears. Any donations for prizes would be greatly appreciated.

We would like to remind everyone that Bramslammers is a Non-competitive League. We do encourage everyone to enjoy each Monday night and have some fun.

Best of luck to all team members throughout the season and we hope to see you out each Monday night.

Domenic Todaro
Bramslammers President