2022 Annual General Meeting Minutes

October 4, 2022
7:00pm- 9:00pm
Terry Miller Room 2


Shaun Doo – President- Team 5
Raquel Heayn – Executive Director – Team 2
Deborah Darke – CFO- Team 5
Marianne Caroleo- Secretary- Team 15
Scott Chaput-Team 14
Keith Hamilton- Team 6
Dan Patterson-Team 6
Manuela Perez- Team 6
Adam Norton- Team 15
Kim Edwards Langfield- Team 7
Dale Dinino- Team 15
Peggy Callaghan- Team 4
Deb Rauch- Team 2

Send his regards: Jay Dalby- VP- Team 5

Meeting was called to order and Shaun shared opening remarks

    • Financials were discussed. 2022 season opening balance was $9,828.66- this includes some registration from COVID years. Closing balance is $1,375.62. Executive spoke about the worries and concerns that were had about financials due to rising costs and a much smaller league. Members were thanked for all of their support, especially with the beer tent, 50/50 and raffles. This helped the league stay in the black.
      Dan Patterson inquired about beer cost/sales, liquor license costs, etc. and if the beer tent was successful at the tournament. It was shared that the beer tent did $2,775.00 in sales over the two days. This amount and the wonderful comradery that happens in the beer tent helped the executive decide to continue with the beer tent for the 2023 tournament.

Rule Change Voting

  1. Current Rule: Limitless open inning

    New Rule:
    Suggest capping open inning at 10, 15, or once through the order. The game is no longer fun when getting thumped in the last inning by a superior team, with no end in sight unless they finally concede to giving you mercy outs. 

    Open Discussion was had

    9/9 members voted to keep the existing rule 

  2. Current tournament rule: double walk after 4 straight pitches.

    New Rule:
      Leave it as a typical walk. It makes the game too slow and less enjoyable when people are looking for the walk

    Open discussion was had

    6/9 voted to keep current rule- 3/9 voted to change. Current rule to stand 
  3. Current Tournament rule: Maximum of thee (3) courtesy runners per game. The courtesy runner must be the same gender as the player they are substituting. (See rule 11 for more) 

    New Rule: Three male courtesy runners and three female courtesy runners, not three in total

    Open discussion was had

    Vote: 1/9 to keep the rule, 6/9 to change to new rule. 2/9 abstained- rule will be changed to new rule

  4. Current Rule: Each team’s inning at bat will be considered complete when they have three (3) players called out or when they have scored a maximum of five (5) runs in that inning. This rule will not apply to each team’s last turn at bat; in this case, each team will be allowed to bat until three (3) players are called out.

    New Rule
    : Each team’s inning at bat will be considered complete when they have three (3) players called out or when they have scored a maximum of seven (7) runs in that inning. This rule will not apply to each team’s last turn at bat; in this case, each team will be allowed to bat until three (3) players are called out. 

    *reason- when we had the 7-run mercy, it seemed that there were more at bats per player (4 or 5 per game) and more chances for plays in the field. With the 5- run mercy, people typically have 3 bats per game.Open discussion was had

    8/9 to keep the old rule, 1/9 to change. Rule will remain 

  5. Current rule: outfielders/rover positioned being able to throw to first base to make a play 

    New rule: outfields/rovers cannot throw to first baseOpen discussion had

    9/9 voted to keep the rule- Rule to remain


  6. Current rule: on strike three, if the ball is dropped and first base is not occupied, the batter may run to first 

    New rule: Strike 3 is an automatic out, but the ball is still live for base runners.Open discussion was had

    Vote: 4/9 to keep old rule, 4/9 voted to change, 1/9 abstained. Tie breaker went to executive (who had not been voting) with 4/4 executive members voting to keep the current rule

New Rule Change Motions

  • Dale motioned to change the mercy run rule from five (5) runs per inning, to six (6) runs per inning.
    Peggy seconded

    6/9 to keep current rule, 3/9 to change. Current rule to stand

  • Dale motioned to change
    Current tournament rule: any one person of the same gender can be a courtesy runner, allowing the same runner to run three (3) times for a person

    New Rule: A team member can only be a courtesy runner once per game.
    Peggy Seconds.

    Vote: 1/9 voted to keep current rule, 6/9 to change to new rule, 2/9 abstained. Rule will now be changed to show this change.

  • Shaun motions to change league feels from $135 to $150 due to rising costs and smaller league.
    Raquel seconds

    Vote: 9/9 voted to change the fees. 2023 season fees will be $150/player

Open questions/comments

    • Open discussion was had around the tournament rule of the home team not taking their final at bat if they are already winning. There was a concern that since the seeding can be done with +/-, this can affect the standings. No motions were passed to have this changed, but the executive will consider this when making the tournament schedule/plan for 2023.
    • Scott commented on the state of the diamonds in the regular season, particularly around them not being lined. It was discussed that maybe the city should be contacted in these situations.
    • Comments made around the tournament schedule and how members would like to see if go back to how it was in the past (more time in between games and not everyone playing at the same time). It was mentioned that if we played at different times, we would be able to have less diamonds and umps. Executive will keep this in mind for 2023 season.
    • League jewelry rule was discussed, as it appears most other leagues do not have this rule. It was shared that a player wearing jewelry would not be called out in the tournament and people can make the choice to wear their jewelry. It was stated that this may affect a persons SPO insurance and any injury as a result of wearing jewelry may not be covered under SPO.
    • A suggestion was made to have coffee and muffins for sale at tournament in the morning.
    • A member commented that many league members do not have Facebook and may use other social media (Instagram, twitter). It was suggested that bramslammers get an Instagram page. (This has been completed- Please add @bramslammersbaseball on Instagram)
    • Virtual AGM’s and meetings were suggested, with the hope more people would attend. It was stated that virtual was done in the past and there was still limited attendance.
    • Executive opened the floor for people to nominate themselves or others for spots on the executive. No one was interested and executive was asked if they were willing to come back for another year. All present members agreed to be part of the executive for the 2023 season.
    • Peggy motions to close the meeting- Deb seconded- meeting was ended, members were asked to find out if their teams needed equipment.
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