2023 AGM Minutes

Thank you to all who attended the 2023 AGM- we had 20 people in attendance

Welcome to the new executive:

President: Jay Dalby- Team 5 – Total Chaos

Vice President: Dale Dinino- Team 15 – System Lifeline

Executive Director: Mariane Caroleo- Team 15 – System Lifeline

Secretary: Jessica Kralik- Team 5 – Total Chaos

Treasurer: Carol Chaput-Team 14 – Waste Warriors

Rules Voted On

Courtesy Runners

Current Rule: Each pinch runner can be used once

Suggested Rule: Allow the pinch runner to be the furthest from batting

Vote: 0 Yeas 20 Nays

Rule to stay as stated

Sliding at home

Current rule: N/A (was shared that there was no SPO rule for this)

New Rule: Runner is out if they slide at home

Vote: 20 Yeas 0 Nays

New rule is passed

Foul Tip

Current Rule: Batter is out on a tip foul ball on 1st or 2nd strike, if caught

New Rule: Eliminate this rule

Vote: 8 Yeas 12 Nays

Rule to stay as stated

Stealing Bases

Current Rule: Stealing Bases after ball crosses home plate

New Rule: Remove Stealing Bases

Vote: 0 Yeas 20 Nays

Rule to stay as stated

Batter Helmets

Current rule: N/A

New Rule: Mandatory helmets

Vote: 0 Yeas 20 Nays

Helmets are worn at players discretion

Umpires for regular season

Current Rule: No umpires

New rule: Add umpires

Vote: 0 Yeas 20 Nays

No umpires added for regular season

Umpire voting

Current Rule: N/A

New Rule: No vote for ump for 5 years (2028)

Vote: 20 yeas 0 nays

New rule is passed

New Rules Discussed and Voted on.

New Tournament Rule: Foul Tip is up to the umpire’s discretion if the batter is out.

Vote: 19 yeas 1 nay

 New tournament rule: Home team gets last at bat for 3 outs or a +7 run differential.

Vote: 20 yeas 0 Nays

Thank you all again for an amazing season and we can’t wait to see everyone again in 2024!



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